Меню Закрити

What kind of movies are we looking for?


UkrKino, LLC is looking to buy non-exclusive licenses for short films (could be live-action and/or animation) of any year of production. Preferably, NON-DIALOGUE. Duration 5 min – 30 min.
Films can be of any topic or genre. Animations and animated series are especially welcomed.


Preference is given to films featuring:
  • Sex, love, romance. Erotic content is welcome.
  • LGBTQ theme. Lesbian content is welcome.
  • Horror, Thriller and/or Halloween theme
  • Christmas/New Years theme
  • Mother-child relations/love
  • Father-child relations/love
  • Sci-Fi genre
  • Action / Crime
Films have to meet these criteria:
  • Not available on youtube for free (or ability/intent to take it down).
  • Not previously sold to specialized shorts TV-channels.
  • Non-dialogue or English dialogues. If there any other language take place in the firm, it has to be with subtitles. Also interested in Hindi-, Spanish-, Dutch-, Romanian-language films.
  • Apple ProRes HD master available.
  • Music rights cleared.

Mandatory deliverables:

  • master (Apple ProRes HD);
  • poster (or ability to make one using our template);
  • min 3 stills (high res);
  • dialogue list – all languages used in the films, incl. English subtitles and/or final script;
  • all documents (music cue sheet, metadata, must sign license agreement).
The payment is 5-9 dollars per minute for the territory of US. Additional payments possible for other territories of the world.
Films any year of production are welcomed. Older films are welcome if they meet all the criteria.
Not interested in documentaries.
Films featuring teenagers, Sports, celebrities are also welcome.
To submit your film for consideration – please fill out this form.
(it will ask you for a link to your film among other things)
Feel free to ask any questions at shorts@ukrkino.biz


1. How does it work? 

You send us your film -> we check it -> if it meets our selection criteria, we send you License Agreement with the offer -> you make a decision, and if the terms are ok for you – sign the agreement and deliver us all needed materials -> after delivery is complete and accepted, please allow between 3 and 6 month for payment (often – sooner).

2. How do you use the film / the rights? 

Specialized shorts TV channels and niche streaming platforms are our main clients right now. We acquire non-exclusive rights for short films and then resell them to our clients – that’s how we use the rights. Sometimes we also create compilations of short films and sell them.


3. What does “non-exclusive” mean?  
When you sell (we buy) non-exclusive rights it means that despite the fact that you’ve sold the rights once, you are free to keep using/selling your films as you like – as many times as you like and wherever you like.


4. May I see the template of the license agreement. 
Yes, sure. Under this link.