Меню Закрити

Terms and conditions

Step-by-step guide to submit your movie:

  • To submit a film for review, the author should  fill out a Google Form, and submit an information  about the film and a link for viewing.
  • Our experts will view the  film and decide whether it matches our criteria.
  • If your movie matches our requirements, we send the author a sample of License Agreement with detailed instructions on how to fill out and transfer the necessary materials to the film.
  • Payment for the film occurs within 3-6 months after the transfer of all materials (often faster).

Important: UkrKino Film Company buys only non-exclusive rights to the film, which allows the author to edit the film, sell it to other distributors and broadcast on other channels.

The cost of the film is calculated per minute and depends on the region in which the film will be broadcasted. For each region, the cost is slightly different, and in the case of the sale of rights to broadcast in several regions, it is summed up.

We do not buy movies that are available for free online access.

1. How do you use the film / the rights? 

Specialized shorts TV channels and niche streaming platforms are our main clients right now. We acquire non-exclusive rights for short films and then resell them to our clients – that’s how we use the rights. Sometimes we also create compilations of short films and sell them.

  1. What does “non-exclusive” mean?  

When you sell (we buy) non-exclusive rights it means that despite the fact that you’ve sold the rights once, you are free to keep using/selling your films as you like – as many times as you like and wherever you like.

  1. May I see the template of the license agreement. 

Yes, sure. Under this link.