Меню Закрити


The UkrKino film company has been involved in television distribution for more than 5 years. Our partners include a number of foreign TV channels and online platforms specializing in short and full-length films such as Shorts.TV (international platform), 108 media (Canada), Amazon (international platform), Vimeo (international platform) and others.

UkrKino is the largest distributor of short films in our region. We buy non-exclusive rights to films from authors from all over the world, ensuring they get profit from their works, and also a significant increase in the audience of viewers.

The average income of holders of short films is from 4 to 10 dollars per minute, but for documentaries, and feature films this amount is significantly higher. Contracts for the acquisition of non-exclusive rights to films are signed for 5 years and leave the author the right to make any changes to the material or to re-sell the films to any other distributors, channels or platforms.

Cooperation with UkrKino is easy, convenient, quick and profitable. Find all the terms of cooperation, requirements for materials, or submit your movie in the “Short Films” section and its subsections. Also, you can find the Library of films which  rights Ukrkino already owns in the “Projects” section.