Меню Закрити

Stunt services

  • Staged fights and fights of any severity, acting fights, using all kinds of weapons.
  • Acrobatic falls, use of objects and scenery, punching glass.
  • Falling from height.
  • Working with climbing gear, flying, falling, descents of people and objects.
  • Working with horses: horse racing, falls, cuttings, rubble, fancy riding and vaulting, coups, carriages, wagons, etc.
  • High-speed car and motorcycles drives, car chases, accidents, jumping, clashes and upheavals, whipping man.
  • Working in an open fire, the simulation of ball hits, the work on explosions, burning men 30-100%.
  • Jumping and falling into the water, working with water transport (boats, jet skis), working with the diving equipment.
  • Developing, organizing, staging, provision of filming stunts, special effects, stunt shooting. Official approval of the State Industrial Supervision to perform tricks works, works with pyrotechnics, steeplejack (climbing) works.