Меню Закрити

Short films

We started our activity with shorts – perhaps, like most cinematographers abroad and in our country. We separate young talents and help them to make their plans come to reality. Trying to discover their potential and give them the opportunity to tell their own word.

Despite the fact that the short film is always a limited amount of time to express the own vision, we are able to make it interesting and fun for the audience. Different festival awards approve this. However, a short time is not only a limitation, but an interesting incentive. You need to be able to portray the circumstances, show the conflict and reveal character in a limited period of time. Many viewers and filmmakers attracted by this opportunity to tell a compelling story in a few minutes.

However, in an attempt to draw viewer’s attention, it is important not to lose the story line that goes through the film. It is important not to overlook the basic idea in which the movie was filmed. Therefore, we pay special attention to the subject of the film. We always worried about stories that tell us about real people, stories that could happen in real life. After all, films are watched by ordinary people, and each of them has his own life story.