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Screenplays searched by UkrKino

– Highest priority
– TV series:
– 2 or 4 episodes serial melodrama;
– 16 episodes serial:
– Melodrama with comedic or dramatic elements;
– Biographical films;
– Stories about some phenomenon of the Soviet time or prominent figure of the same period;

Additional criteria for the success of the series: 

1. Events occur or originate in the 80-90s;
2. Love triangle;
3. Important background: a certain historical period, a story about the Russian outback, a specific area of the city, or a specific profession.

– feature film screenplays in Russian for distribution in Russian cinemas (less than 110 min.);
– feature film screenplays in Ukrainian for distribution in Ukrainian cinemas (less than 110 min.);
– feature film screenplays in English for distribution in European and World cinemas (with the possibility of co-production. Performing events in different countries, the characters of different nationalities, topics relevant to Europe);
– primetime series screenplays in Russian (from 12 series) for Russian TV channels;
– primetime TV shows screenplays in English (1-13 episodes seasons) for European TV channels;
– cartoon screenplays (from 5 to 15 minutes long, 70 to 90 minutes, or the cartoon series) in Ukrainian and/or in English;
– short films screenplays in Ukrainian (from 3 to 15 minutes);
– trans-media (cross-media) projects screenplays (a mix of movies, games, television, internet).

By genres:

– Full-length movies for rental;comedy;
– romantic comediy;
– children (family) films;
– biographical films;
– historical.

– full length:
– love;
– development, growth, overcoming, positive transformation;
– holidays;
– modern interpretation of the eternal themes, but always with humor (similar to the “Garage” by Eldar Ryazanov);
– biographical epic drama about the Ukrainian heroes.
We are interested in characters that 40-45 years old people are familiar with. Their names should be in Soviet history textbooks.
– children or family movies
– good movies, modern tales, carrying the eternal values (similar to “Guest from the Future,” “The New Adventures of Electronic»). It may contain fiction.
– it is fine to use fantasy, but then the whole movie must follow this genre.

with deep meaning (similar to “Tram number 9”, “To be solid”, «Wall-E», «Up”, “Les triplettes de Belleville»).


  • adulthood;
  • experiments;
  • searching for themselves, for meaning, for work.

– biographies of prominent people;
– vertical detectives about the strong man;
– family saga with an apparent general concepts.
– scripts of all genres and formats if action takes place in Odessa.

Don`t send
– screenplays about the Second World War;
– drama about growing up with a tragic end;
– drama with an open end;
– movies about revenge, even if the end is good;
– screenplays for rental movie, longer than 110 pages;
– shorts longer than 15 minutes;
– horror, mystery, psychological thrillers;
– movies about the mentally ill people;
– unfinished material (the first drafts, the literary scripts, the texts with grammatical errors, or scripts where you cannot define their genre or format by yourself.)


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