Меню Закрити

About Ukr Film Industry

Ukrainian cinema originated in the last century as such. Unfortunately, very few Ukrainian films have been produced until recently. Despite the fact that there are a lot of talented actors, screenwriters and directors in Ukraine, the field of cinema was considered unprofitable for a long time, and therefore it was difficult to find funding even for very good projects. Because of this, many representatives of the Ukrainian cinema were forced to go abroad in search of better conditions or to go to some other areas in order to just survive.

Everything changed after the events of Euromaidan – 2013-2014. Demand for the Ukrainian products has grown to unprecedented heights. In order to support local  manufacturers, people started to wear  Ukrainian designers’ clothing, listen to Ukrainian music and watch Ukrainian movies. Demand spawned a supply, and the Ukrainian film industry began to grow at an astounding pace. In the few years that have passed since those events, it has been released more Ukrainian movies than in the previous 25 years of independence.
Over the years of independence, since 1991, Ukraine has released 368 films. The statistics of Ukrainian full-length films (art and animated) that were released as follows:

According to the State Agency of Ukraine on Cinema, as of 2017, there are 189 cinemas in the country with a total of 487 screens, 463 of which are digital.

According to the official data of the State Agency of Ukraine on Cinema, as of June 2018, 609 filmmakers and 448 distribution companies are registered in Ukraine.

UkrKino has been on the Ukrainian film market since 2009. During this time we have implemented many projects of various orientations. Among them:

  • the first full-length feature film by Oleg Sentsov “Gamer”;
  • the first Ukrainian musical for children “Trumpeter”;
  • the project “Vidverti” – the creation of collections of short films by young Ukrainian directors;
  • rights to Ukrainian short films for the first time acquired the international channel ShortsTV. For the first time in its history, the channel showed films of the country where it does not broadcast.

Today, UkrKino with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is working on several major projects:

  •  Promotional campaign of the film-claimant for an Oscar from Ukraine (film Donbass by Sergei Loznitsa);
  • English-language website ProFilms about the film industry in Ukraine and the region for film professionals.

Ukrainian cinema is growing and developing, gaining strength and becoming better every day. We believe that once the largest and most famous film awards will flow in Ukraine. Ukrainian cinema deserves it!