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From the promotion – to “Oscar”: why is Ukraine still without an award

Oles Sanin’s “The Guide”, Roman Bondarchuk’s “Ukrainian Sheriffs”, Valentyn Vasyanovych’s “Black Level”. These modern movies are highly appreciated between the viewers and critics. They have prestigious professional awards and international recognition. But the pictures didn’t get the main award in the movie industry – the Hollywood “Oscar”. Even though they had a chance.

The director Serhiy Loznytsia’s movie “Donbass”, nominated for “Oscar” from Ukraine this year, got into the long list of applicants for the best foreign language film. This is the 11th try of Ukrainian cinematographers to receive the most prestigious award. The previous ten haven’t brought the long-awaited fame – the films haven’t even got into the shortlist of candidates.

The quality of the movies is not the reason – experts say. The “Oscars” success first and foremost depends on the promotion of the picture in Los Angeles. The more expensive the campaign is, the higher are the chances to win.

So why does Ukraine still lack an “Oscar”, and what are the chances to get the award this year? The competition participants share their experience on this topic.