Меню Закрити


Year: 2011
Country: Ukraine
Slogan: “Someone wants, but someone gets …”
Director: Oleg Sentsov
Script: Oleg Sentsov
Producer: Oleg Sentsov, Olga Zhurzhenko
Director of Photography: Egor Petrik, Evgenia Vradiy, Gennady Veselkov
Artist: Evgenia Vradiy
Editing: Dmitry Kundrutskiy
Genre: Drama
Budget: $ 20,000
Time: 92 mins. / 01:32

Olga Zhurgenko and Oleg Sentsov met in 2009. Then the film lived only on paper, in the form of a script. Due to the fact that Olga at that time lived in Kiev, and Oleg – in the Crimea, there was no way to help with the film at that time. However, almost two years later, in the summer of 2011, Oleg had already shown the half-finished film again Olga. From here began a long way to the premiere.

First the film went to France, directed by Guillaume de Seille, who sent it to the organizing committee of the Berlinale festival. There, the film did not make it to the elite, but was later shown at the International Film Festival “Youth” in Kiev and the International Film Festival “2 in 1” in Moscow.

Nevertheless, the big premiere of the film took place later – in January 2012 at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. From here began to take off: the film was invited to dozens of festivals and nominations for numerous awards.


A teenager named Kos from a small town is a gamer living in the world of computer games-shooters. Kos does not go to school, conflicts with his mother, his fans love him, he trains a lot and wants to become the best. Finally he goes to the World Championship in computer games and takes second place there. Kos comes back home as a hero, but did he imagine all this to himself?

Gaamer prizes:

1. February, 2012 – 10 IDFF Spirit of Fire    (Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia)
FIPRESCI prize (Prize of the Guild of Film Critics and Film Experts)

2. May, 2012 – 3 Truskavets International Film Festival (Truskavets, Ukraine)
Best Feature film

3. June 2012 – Lubuskie Film Summer (Lagow, Poland)
Nagrodę Organizatorów im. Juliusza Burskiego

4. July 2012 Odessa International Film Festival (Odessa, Ukraine) – screenshot
FIPRESCI Prize Special Jury Mention

Gaamer participation in 24 festivals:

2011 – Kiev International Film Festival
2011 – «2 in 1» International Film Festival (Moscow, Russia)
2012 – IFF Rotterdam Netherlands
2012 – IDFF Spirit of Fire (Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia)
2012 – Фестиваль «Spring Euphoria-2012» (Moscow, Russia)
2012 – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film «GoEast» (Wiesbaden, Germany)
2012 – Truskavets Film Festival (Ukraine)
2012 – XVI Бердянский международный кинофестиваль Ukraine
2012  – Lubuskie Film Summer (Lagow, Poland)
2012 – Golden Apricot IFF (Erevan, Armenia)
2012 – Odessa IIF (Ukraine)
2012 – Guanojuato IFF (Mexico)
2012 – Sevastopol International FF (Crimea, Ukraine)
2012 – International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience Schlingel, (Chemnitz, Germany)
2012 – Sao Paulo IFF Brazil – nominated for Youth Award
2012 – IFF «Listapadik» (Minsk, Belorussia)
2012 – CINEDAYS Festival of European Film (Skopje, Macedonia)
2012 – World FF of Bangkok (Thailand)
2012 – Festival du Cinema Russe a Honfleur (France)
2012 – Festival Cine//B_5 (Chile)
2012 – Tbilisi IFF (Georgia)
2013 – Pune IFF (India)
2013 – Yashwant International Film Festival (India)

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