Меню Закрити


«The daughter of the bayanist»

Author: Elena Palomaki
Director: Katerina Naumenko
Produced by: Olga Zhurzhenko
Production designer:
Second Director:
Lead and Consultant:
Genre: Romance

The second joint project of Olga Zhurzhenko and Katerina Naumenko, who saw the world in 2012. A full-length TV film about the difficult life situation of a bayanist musician who turns out to be on the street without means of subsistence, but with a schoolgirl daughter. There is no work, the house was burnt down, the minimum of the things that were saved from the fire were stolen. As a hero will come out of the situation – tells the movie “The daughter of the bayanist”

The film entered the television niche of the Open Film Festival CIS and Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia Kinoshock in Anapa (Russia)


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