Меню Закрити

«Le Tapeur»

Directed by: Andriy Bezlyudny
Produced by: Olga Zhurzhenko
Assistant director:
Leading and Consultant:

The short film «Tapeur» is an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s work, the authorship of Andriy Bezlyudny. Work about the film, it took in 2010, but the premiere took place only of two years later in 2012. The main reason for the delay was a rather lengthy search for a professional recording studio, which would help the authors finish work on the sound series of the film.

Festivals & Awards:

1) Koktebel International Youth Film festival: Diploma
2) Kinokimmeria IFF: Diploma for successful screen adaptation of Classics

Participation on 16 festivals:

– Odessa IFF;
– «10th Muse» (Kyiv);
– «Youth Filmworld» (Shahtersk, Ukraine);
– «Art-Izo» (Moscow, Russia);
– «Cinema under stars» (Kryviy Rig, Ukraine);
– International Film Festival of Short Films «KinoMig»;
– «Dot in the Universe» FF;
– «Vision» FF;
– «Saint Anna» (Moscow, Russia);
– «New Horizon» (Voronezh, Russia);
– «Radonezh» (Moscow, Russia);
– «KinoLikbez» FF;
– «Amateur+profi» (Omsk, Russia);
– «Free Art Festival “Your Beginning»;
– «Kinolitopys» FF;
– Mitrović Family Festival» Scotland

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