Меню Закрити


«Filmotekhnik» company works hard on a video market for more than 23 years and is a world leader in creating and modern camera equipment rental.



Partial list of our equipment:

  • Overhead lightweight camera cranes «CASCADE» (up to 25 meters);
  • Three axial GYRO STABILIZED panoramic head «FLIGHT HEAD» on the remote control;
  • Gyro stabilized camera cranes «Avtorobot» on the remote control;
  • Overhead camera cranes with moving carriage «TRAVELING-CASCAD»;
  • Telescopic cranes «HARMOSHKA»;
  • Telescopic tower operator;
  • Stabilized system for shooting from a helicopter, cars, boats;
  • Camera dollies on the remote control;
  • Overhead camera road and more.
  • The stability of the frame when shooting from the air, land and water is guaranteed by three axial GYRO STABILIZED panoramic heads that do not have analogues in the world.

Our track record includes many internationally renowned projects and movies, such as song Contest «Eurovision» in Kiev, Belgrade, Moskow and Malma; «Olimpyc games-2010» in Vancouver, «Olimpyc games-2012» in London; four inaugurations of Presidents of Russia and Ukraine and more than 1,500 film projects («Titanic», «War of the Worlds», «Mission Impossible», «Carrier» and many others).

Site Company: http://www.filmotechnic.com