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Film studio «CryCinema» was founded in 2008 by the team of people that shared a thought that they could not live without creating films. «We dare to shoot the films that will not be classified as independent or commercial, artistic or mainstream, art stream or any other. CryCinema’s films have to be good. Not less than good.

We decided that in Post-Soviet cinema, there are two main problems — films are too expensive comparing to the return on investment, and they are too bad. Therefore, our competitive advantage and main goal is: To make cheap and good movie!

There are no commercial, art house or mainstream movies. Movies can be either good or bad. That’s all. Audience loves to watch good movies

We want to make good movies and we are open for any cooperation in this direction!»

Company’s projects:
«Rhino» – feature film project, 90 min, HD – development (financing), writer/director Oleg Sentsov (Ukraine)
«Gaamer» – feature film, 92 min, HD – finished, writer/director Oleg Sentsov (Ukraine)