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“Trumpeter” screening in the support of Sentsov

Ukrkino film company gives its film “Trumpeter” for free for screening in the Ukrainian cinema week in support of Oleg Sentsov. Ukrainian Films will be shown from 3 to 9 September in the Kinopanorama cinema and all funds will go to support the Ukrainian director, who is in a Russian prison now.

Most movies from Ukrainian directors have taken part in the international film festivals. During one week in Kinopanorama the following films will be shown: “Gamer” by Oleg Sentsov, “Prayer for Hetman Mazepa” by George Illienko, “Istalhiya” by Daryi Onishchenko, “Ivan Syla” by Viktor Andrienko and Igor Pysmenny, “Trumpeter” by Anatoly Mateshko, “Paradjanov” by Helen Fetisova and Serge Avedikian, “Haytarma” by Akhtem Seytablaev and short documentaries “Babylon 13”.

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Anyone who wants to support Oleg Sentsov and his family can purchase tickets here: tickets for film «Trumpeter», tickets for film «Gamer»

Oleg Sentsov is Ukrainian film director and screenwriter. The author of the film “Gamer”. May 11, 2014 Sentsov went to protest in Simferopol, later that day he was detained by Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation with the charge of terrorism.