Меню Закрити

Denis Kapustin as “Vitalik”

Vitalik Kolodin is a narcissistic boy, a sponsors’ son. Ready to lie for his own benefit and his ego, but becomes obedient with his mother and Hamkalo. He is weaselly and hypocritical. But playing a negative character was very interesting and even more interesting, than the positive – the emotions and feelings were deeper. I needed to change myself and even to reconsider my attitude to partner in order to deliver real hatred or anger. I had a clear task: to make the audience despise my hero.

I feel awe for the “Trumpeter” as for the first national musical. I am proud that I`ve taken part in it, especially at such a responsible role. I believe in its success and want to thank Anatoly Mateshko for this great movie!

For each actor filming platform is a second home, and crew is a second family. Our family was incredibly strong and friendly, and our house — comfortable and reliable. The “Trumpeter” was created by collective effort, and I grateful to all the people who work on it. I look forward for the premiere!