Меню Закрити

Debrin Roma as “Roma”

What do you think you have in common with you character?

My character – Roma is one of the Kolia`s friends. He plays on saxophone and trumpet. Hilarious and crazy as all the boys. He plays in music orchestra, flagged with friends in various adventures. I have a lot in common with him. I also love music. Funny, and I also often get into various adventures as well as my character – in the most unexpected moments. Some say, it’s because I’m creative, some say, that I am distracted.

What does it mean for you personally, to get this role? How did this role affected you as an actor? 

Participation in this film means a lot to me. I got experience as an actor and musician. Found new friends. It`s always interesting to meet new people. And in general it was very interesting on the set. Good experience and a lot of positive emotions.

How it was for you to work on set?

It was not easy because it was all at first time for me. The funniest moment was when we wore bald wigs — it was ridiculous despite the fact that almost all the characters had wigs. Another memorable scene was in the underpass, when we played on garbage cans like on the drums. On the site I learned to play the trumpet, it`s interesting when you suddenly realize that you can something else. I have never received such a positive charge. I would like to repeat this experience.