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“Trumpeter” chosen for Oscar selection

Our film “Trumpeter” will take part in the selection of the film nominees from Ukraine in 2014 to win the Oscar Award of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the category “Foreign Language Film”. The film nominees from Ukraine for Oscar Award will officially be announced on September 9. We look forward for the results of the expert committee and keep fingers crossed for the film “Trumpeter”.

Ukrainian Oscar committee includes prominent figures from the national cinema and film critics: actress Ada Rogovtseva, filmmaker Oleg Fialko (Chairman), winner of 2 technical awards “Oscar” Anatoly Kokush, chairman of the National Union of Cinematographers Sergey Trymbach, film critic Vladimir Voytenko, scenario writer Andrey Kurkov, producer Alex Serkov, producer Dmitry Kolesnikov, producer and screenwriter Igor Savichenko.