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Pitching for the prize from UDP

Up to 10 Ukrainian projects, which are planned to be shot in the nearest future will fight in the competition “pitching” for the prize of UDP. In particular, a presentation of the film “Porcupine” will be held— Ukrainian co-production with several European countries, a new film “Kai” will be presented by the winner of last year’s pitching session Oleg Sentsov. Also, the filmmakers will tell about the development of the first full draft by Marina Vroda.

As part of the Work-in-Progress, which demonstrates the fragments of still unfinished films will show 9 projects from Ukraine or under Ukrainian participation. Piece of new film “Fedor” will be introduced by the member of OIFF jury, the winner of the “Golden Camera” in Cannes Film Festival, Georgian director Nana Jorjadze. Also the film “Guide” will be presented by Oles Sanin, the plot of which is based on a real story when 200 Cobzars were shot in 1934, and the psychological thriller “Green Jacket” by Vladimir Pacific.
The film company “Ukrkino” will present a project “Trumpeter” in VIP section and “Kai” with “Porcupine” on pitching. “And I am very glad that all of this will take place in Odessa” – says producer Olga Zhurzhenko. – “In my hometown.”


United Kingdom, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Ukraine
Director: Srdjan Dragojevic
Producer: Olga Zhurzhenko

“Battle of Sevastopol”
Ukraine, Russia
Director: Sergei Mokritsky
Producers: Egor Olesov, Natalia Mokritskaya

Germany, France, Ukraine
Director: Roman Bondarchuk
Producers: Xenia Mayngot Sebastian Veylend

Director: Jaroslav Lodygin
Producer: Daniel Khomutovskiy

Director: Oleg Sentsov
Producer: Olga Zhurzhenko

“Wheel of Fortune. SAGA Snarky ”
Ukraine, Russia, France
Director: Maxim Firsenko
Producer: Maxim Firsenko Anton Czerwinski

“Snow in the Carpathians”
Ukraine, Germany, USA
Director: Constantin Werner
Producers: Julia Chernjavskaja Oleg Sherbina

Ukraine, France
Director: Marina Vroda
Producer: Igor Savichenko

Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ukraine
Director: Elena Khazanov
Producers: Anna Palenchuk Mary Govoruha, Vladimir Filippov, Andrei Suyarko

Directed by: Les Kalinskaya
Producer: Vladimir Filippov

“Strong Ivan”
Director: Victor Andrienko
Producer: Vladimir Filippov

“Green jacket”
Director: Vladimir Pacific
Producers: Denis Ivanov, Igor Savichenko

“BRIDE Adder”
Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia
Directed by: Artem Rizhikov, Fyodor
Producers: Artem Rizhikov, Fyodor

Directed by Oles Sanin
Producer: Oles Sanin, Maxim Asadchii OA, Igor Savichenko

“Such nice people”
Director: Dmitry Moiseev
Producer: Igor Stavchansky

“Shadows of unforgotten ancestors”
Directed by: Lubomir Levitsky
Producers: Lubomir Levitsky, Andrew Selivanov

Directed by: Michael Ilienko
Produced by Philip Ilienko Andrew Rizol

Director: Anatoly Mateshko
Producer: Olga Zhurzhenko

Ukraine, Russia
Director: Nana Jorjadze
Producers: Victor Nozdryuhin-Zabolotnyi Valery Kalmyikov