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Odessa International Film Festival, June 18

“UkrKino” company prepares for a new project. On June 17th, the results for the 5 contest for film projects for the state support will be known.

“UkrKino” was involved there with a project of political drama “Porcupine”. Film script was written by the novel of British writer Julianne Barnes by Jeff Cox with partiipation of a Serb director Srdjan Dragojevic (“Parade”, “Wounds”, “Saint George killing the dragon”). The film will be set up in co-production between the UK, Serbia, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia and Ukraine and tell about an open trial of the former president of post-Soviet state and will show to everybody the true face of the old regime.

“Porcupine” took part in the competition of films in co-production with Ukraine in the section of foreign directors and received the highest score from experts. At the Odessa Film Festival on July 18 the project pitching will be held for the international film industry section.