Меню Закрити

My name is Olesya. I am 29 years old.

I was born in a small town of Kozelets. My mother is a school teacher and a child psychologist, and my father is a multi professional – from locksmith to commodity expert.

I did not succeeded well in school, but I was interested in literature and visiting different studios.

Graduated from Karpenko-Kary National university of theatre, cinema and television and my specialty is television director in Pavlov’s workshop.

Journalist and film editor on the kids program “Ocham ne viriu” (“Ukraine” TV channel);
2009–2011 — teacher of acting and cinema in a children’s film school;

Experience in cinema:
– prop director assistant, location manager, playback, film editor, director;
– second director in television films and commercials of “A7” company;
– director and film editor in “Tehnomediya”;
2010 — directed series of commercials for the «Sony» company;
2011 — director of a tale “Scarecrow and Stork” (theater “Slonenia”);
2012 —art director of video performance “Two ladies in the direction of the North” (Drama and Comedy Theater on the left bank).

Student works:
2004 «Svіchado vіchnogo» — director (documentary);
2005 «Molfar» — director (documentary, 10 min, award for Best Cinematography at the “Prologue” festival);
2006 «Liubenochek» — director (feature film);
2008 «Molfar» — director, diploma (30 min, diploma at the «XX Century Cinema» festival)

Commercial projects:
2008 «Cars» — director (documentary);
2009 «Carpathian Juliet» — film editor;
2009 «World War II in Color» — film editor;
2013 «Denesiya» — film editor;
2014 «Cello» — director (short film);