Меню Закрити

Anastasia Mateshko

Actress, director, screenwriter, producer, poetess, writer. Teacher of the modeling agency “Karin».
Anastasia was born in a family of artists. Graduated from the Kiev Institute of Theatrical Arts. Karpenko-Kary (1999).

Poetry of Anastasia Mateshko is published since 1986.

Lives in Kiev. Wife and assistant director Anatoly Mateshko


2000 – «The Birthday of Burzhuy»
2001 – «Birthday of Burzhuy 2»
2013 – «F63.9 The disease of love»
2015 – «Captum»


1996 – «Viviparous bird. Poetry and prose»
1996 – «Falling Up»
1996 – «Per aspera»